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  • Blog Post: Where is Red Ribbon Week?

    Featureing guest blogger and Ventura County young adult, Hannah Yale

Sábado, 9 de diciembre de 2017 – Oxnard, CA (Español)
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*This post was written by Ventura County young adult, Hannah Yale
When I was in elementary school, Red Ribbon Week was my favorite part of the school year. It was a time when you could wear your pajamas to school, and teachers passed out free jelly bracelets that read, “Say NO

*This post was written by Foothill Technology High School sophomore, Hannah Yale.

Mental illness, although it is a subject that requires more attention, should not be the punchline of a person’s jokes or a casual adjective used to describe and make fun of someone’s quirkiness. Awareness and trivialization are not the

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