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You’re still my friend

July 9, 2015 12:40 pm Published by Comments Off on You’re still my friend

BFF Selfie

Sandra P is a CSUCI majoring in Communications. She wrote this essay in April 2015.

After high school I thought everything would stay the same and our fourteen years of friendship would grow. To my surprise I was wrong. You ended up moving out because you didn’t agree with the rules your parents were enforcing, nor want to keep sneaking around to have things your way. When you left I knew I wouldn’t get my friend back, you had made new ones, people I couldn’t relate to. You formed a serious relationship with the guy you started living with and he gave you what you were always fighting for.

Your days were always foggy, the wax* was keeping you from holding a genuine conversation when I would call or visit. (Editor’s note: wax is a form in which THC resign is prepared for smoking. More details below.) This guy was literally letting you smoke your life away, the sad part is that he would abuse you because he felt he had the power since he was providing your stash for free.

I was always there when you needed advice then you’d get mad and say I didn’t understand.

Of course I understand. This guy beats you because of his insecurities and his hunger for dominance. You feel you have to stay because you know he loves you, why wouldn’t he? He gives you free weed and wax every other day. You won’t listen to me though, I tell you that he doesn’t care about you, and a guy with anger issues as severe as his can’t love without bashing your head against the closet door.

You did this for freedom, you did this to get your way. Was moving out for the sake of being stoned every day and being beat worth it?

Now we don’t talk because you claim I wasn’t a good enough friend, but I think I did right in trying to help you understand why he wasn’t a good fit.

Through it all, to me, you’re still my friend.


About wax and dabbing:

Smoking THC-rich resins extracted from the marijuana plant is on the rise. Users call this practice dabbing. People are using various forms of these extracts, such as:

  • wax or budder – a soft solid with a texture like lip balm
  • hash oil or honey oil – a gooey liquid
  • shatter – a hard, amber-colored solid

A piece of a glass pipe or bong is heated with a blowtorch. Once it is hot, the waxy concentrate is placed onto the pipe creating immediate vapor. Hash oil is believed to be more potent and to create a stronger high.

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