Engaging young people in advocacy, education & prevention
Creating social change around alcohol, drugs, and more

Interactive Workshops

We “just say no” to lectures and passive learning. Our Applied Improvisation techniques, our games and other engaging formats create ideal environments for active learning and involved discussions about the real issues teens and young adults face concerning physical health, safety, mental health and well-being. These powerful workshops can be tailored for your specific group – students, parents, teachers, PTAs, or any community organization.

In addition to offering opportunities for teens and young adults to take action, we provide parents, community members, schools, and youth leaders with information, skills and resources to address these issues in their own communities.

BRITE workshops are made available to schools and youth serving organizations within Ventura County at no cost through funding from the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department, Alcohol and Drug Programs. Funding is also provided through school district Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grants.

For workshops outside of Ventura County, please Contact BRITE for pricing.

Prevention Game Show

These fun games use interactive software and individual response keypads to keep the students engaged while learning important information. Competing in teams, the game is customizable for age groups and subject matter. Topics can include alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, Rx drugs, impaired driving, vaping and tobacco. We also can address bullying, suicide prevention and other topics related to mental health and social emotional learning.

Please contact BRITE to arrange a workshop or presentation.

Social Change Theatre Workshop

In this fully interactive workshop, the students will use Social Change Theatre techniques to examine social norms, attitudes and behaviors regarding underage and binge drinking, drug use, impaired driving and related issues.  Participants team up to create a human “image” that sparks discussion about topics such as bullying, parent/teen dynamics, peer pressure, or domestic violence.


Email us at info@BRITEyouth.org for more information, or to arrange a workshop or presentation.

Video Advocacy

With the support of the BRITE team and equipment, students plan, create, and share their own short PSA videos to give a voice to a topic they care about.


Students learn about media advocacy, community organizing, and empowering their peers.

Adult Workshops

We offer presentations and interactive workshops for parents, families, educators, coalitions, civic organizations and other adults in the community.  Email us at info@BRITEyouth.org for more information and scheduling.

We also offer Reality Parties for Parents Events.  Learn more via this link. Find out more about Reality Parties for Parents

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