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Winners of the "Speak Up" 2011 Video Contest

May 24, 2011 2:58 pm Published by Comments Off on Winners of the "Speak Up" 2011 Video Contest

Winners -- Fillmore HS video production class

Top row, left to right: Maria Villalobos, Aime Lopez, Mr. Lanthier, Naomi Aguilar, Anahi Romero, Myra Landin, Emily Serna, Kenya Medina
Bottom row: Actors Leonel Barajas and Daniel Cordero

Mr. Lanthier’s Fillmore High School Video Production Class were the first prize winners in the “Speak Up” video contest presented by Straight Up in 2011. The class submitted “Out of the Mouths of Children,” a powerful piece about a young boy’s decision to take a stand against his brother’s potential destructive behavior regarding drinking and impaired driving.

The judges responded to the video, liking the fact that the main character (played by 6-year-old) Leonel Barajas was so young, yet willing to make a stand against getting into a car with an impaired older person (played by Daniel Cordero, 15.)

Congratulations to the winners! You can view the video on Straight Up’s YouTube channel by accessing the links below.

[direct link]

The contest was a close one. The runner ups were

  • “Bobby V” by Camilo Alvea, 23, and Sergio Arias, 23
    Description: A young female recounts an accident in which she was involved, in which “Bobby V” was killed.
  • “Choice” by Sophie Glander, 16
    Description: A young boy refuses to get into his brother’s car after the brother has been drinking.

We still share these videos and more from other entrants in the coming weeks.