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Will the alcohol/cancer connection connect with youth?

May 18, 2014 6:00 am Published by Comments Off on Will the alcohol/cancer connection connect with youth?

Booze and partying

Alcohol Justice recently reported that there is a risk of certain types of cancer associated with alcohol use — even with moderate use. This is sobering news — but is this something that will cause a young person to change his or her behavior, especially “in the moment”?

NPR delves into this question. A recent study show that, among students who thought there was some risk of alcohol-related cancer, there was a high percentage who said they were less likely to drink to excess. The impact on youth of the alcohol-cancer connection is partially due to the “novelty factor”, says sources who talked to NPR. Since this is relatively new information to them, it stands out, makes young people think — and potentially changes their behavior.

However, will this deter them at the moment of choosing to drink — when peer pressure, feelings of invulnerability, social norms, and more have a strong pull?

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