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White Women and The Anti-Abortion Movement

August 20, 2021 2:19 pm Published by Comments Off on White Women and The Anti-Abortion Movement

Written by Jazmin Lopez, a Ventura County high school student.

Editor’s note – Our blog is a place where teens and young adults can share their opinions about issues that are important to them, however controversial. This is an opinion piece by a teen volunteer about an issue she cares deeply about and does not necessarily represent the views of BRITE or our funding agencies.

White women have a hand in upholding white supremacy in an important way, and they choose to have a blind eye. White women refuse to acknowledge the implications of their own actions that help to continue their own oppression and the oppression of women of color.

White women in the western hemisphere are the second most privileged group of people (after their white male counterparts). In this paper I will be focusing on the United States and the role white women play in only further helping themselves gain power to install more devastation.

One major example of this is how white women are at the forefront of the anti-abortion movement that threatens low-income and women of color in this country as I write this paper. The anti-abortion movement can still be seen through a second wave feminist lens where people try to view abortion as a men vs women issue and not a bodily autonomy issue. According to sociologist Ziad Munson, “White women often who are married and have a lot of more children than the population are amongst the most devoted anti-abortion activists.” Most of these women will go on political rants about how abortion is the “War Against Women” and their liberty while simultaneously vote on restricting and hurting women’s bodies and enforcing them to give unwanted births.

White women forget that they are the ones who create movements such as “Women Support Women,” but at the end of the day the only women they support is themselves and finding ways to get ahead in the western political world and gain power. Mostly all white women are always on the wrong side of history but when it is time for accountability and repercussions, they make themselves look small, docile, and weak to make themselves victims of situations that they helped create. White women rarely receive any criticism for the bigotry and hatred they encourage against women of color.

An example of this was the 2017 special Senate election in Alabama. 63 percent of white women backed the Republican Roy Moore, who faced multiple allegations that he had dated teenage girls as an adult. This is a perfect example of white women turning a blind eye to a serious situation that involved young girls and an adult man that took advantage of his power, and groomed and hurt these girls both physically and emotionally.

If white, religious, suburban women view abortion as a “War Against Women” then they should see this as an even bigger problem, but they don’t simply because they do not care. They will throw away any moral code that they have as long as they get to see their political party and political candidate get ahead and further promote their ideologies.

People should also know that abortion bans will not hinder suburban white women from getting abortions or any other reproductive healthcare in America. It has to be known that the people who will mostly be affected by these anti-human laws are women of color and low-income women. Black and Latina women who live in low-income areas face higher scrutiny from society when they get pregnant or go into health clinics to receive reproductive health checkups. The higher pregnancy rate of Black and Latina women speaks volumes to how hard it is for us to receive high quality contraceptive services.

Privileged suburban white women complain about having legal abortions in their state and country and try to vote for laws that will not affect them but only make it harder for women of color, who are never seen as full human beings, fight harder to keep the little to nothing they have of their reproductive rights. White women hold back other women from further progression, only including themselves in their activism, while telling women of color that their pain does not matter because they themselves as humans do not matter.

Abortion is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of white women. They make a mess and expect women of color to fix the problems they created, and forgive them, and then white women continue making mistakes without caring about the effects this anti-abortion legislation will cause in the long run, as long as it helps them get ahead in society and gain any type of power.