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What are your resolutions?

December 30, 2013 10:49 am Published by Comments Off on What are your resolutions?


A new year is a great time to look inward and resolve to make positive changes about health, about communication, about taking charge of your life. This can apply to young people, to parents and to families in general. 

Families can resolve to improve communication by scheduling regular meetings, setting guidelines, and examining behavior in the home. At Straight Up, we hear from many young people that they wish there were more honesty, trust, and communication between them and their parents. Being able to have difficult discussions about alcohol and drug use and healthy choices can make for a strong, well-adjusted family.

Young people can make positive change by looking at themselves and their environment and seeing what can change. Taking better care of your health by eating more mindfully, having better sleep patterns and living drug- and alcohol-free can make profoundly positive changes. You can also take a look at study habits, your impact on the environment, and more.

Parents can lead by example by examining their own behaviors and making better choices. Alcohol, drug and tobacco use in the home can impact everyone’s mind and health. Studies show that successful students have parents who create and maintain family routines.

Let’s all work together for a happier, healthier new year!