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Update on Palcohol legislation

January 4, 2016 1:13 pm Published by Comments Off on Update on Palcohol legislation

Powdered alcohol, known to its manufacturers as “palcohol”, was in the news earlier in 2015. Even before it was approved for sale, legislators and watchdogs warned the public of possible dangers — and took action. As of November 2015, 27 states have banned powdered alcohol.

Powdered alcohol is exactly as it sounds — alcohol in powdered form. The creators of this substance market it as “Palcohol”. They are planning to sell the powdered alcohol in easy, just-add-water, juice drink-like pouches. They are available in “straight” shots (such as vodka) or as premixed cocktails (such as cosmopolitans and lemon drops).

Novelty has its power. It’s new and intriguing, and bound to be purchased by the curious. It’s certain to be talked about (in fact, it already is) — and the buzz is bound to land on young ears.

The powdered form also invites dangerous misadventures. Already, a handful of young people have posted videos of themselves snorting their own versions of powdered alcohol — a highly dangerous and painful activity. An earlier version of the Palcohol website included encouragement to snort the powder — a fact the creator of Palcohol admits to.

As with other “designer” chemicals, safety will be an issue. Some of the chemicals used to make powdered alcohol have known dangerous side effects, and (as with synthetic marijuana and “bath salts”) internet vendors may sell unregulated and potentially harmful chemical versions.

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