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They Were Not My Friends

November 30, 2017 10:05 am Published by Comments Off on They Were Not My Friends

*This post was written by a Ventura County young adult who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Have you ever felt so sick and hopeless that no one could help you? You look around and it doesn’t seem like its real. It feels like you are in a movie and you are just watching someone else’s life. That’s the feeling I got the first time I got alcohol poisoning.

I was 15 years old and it was my birthday. I hung out with a group of girls who didn’t care about my well being and most definitely were not my friends. At the time I didn’t want to be alone so it was hang out with these girl or no one at all. Peers really do have an influence on how you act and how you perceive your life. At this age it is very important to realize that you need good genuine people as friends or you could end up somewhere awful and then realize your “friends” were never really your friends.

It all started by my friends organizing a sleepover for my 15th birthday. They told me to come over to one of the girls houses and they would take care of everything. I show up and there is dinner and maybe 6 bottles of alcohol. I had never had a drink in my life but I was too scared to tell these girls no. They started by serving me a cup and then another and then another. While all of this is going on I later find out that these girls had planned to get me drunk and then post it on social media as a joke.

They were keeping people updated of all the things I was doing and taking videos. I trusted these girls and I was too scared to say no that by the end of the night I was crying having thrown up 7 times with foam in my mouth. No one helped me or called for help, instead they filmed me hugging onto the toilet for dear life. To me it felt like an out of body experience that I would never want anyone to experience. I was scared, alone, and humiliated. I’d look around and the room was spinning. Everything seemed to be going slower. My body was shaking, cold, and clammy. I felt empty and weak. I could have died that night all because I couldn’t say no and I wasn’t informed enough on what someone’s limit is and how alcohol affected your body in general.

My classmate’s brother died from his own vomit. That easily could have been me. That easily could be anyone. Always surround yourself with people you trust and will care for you if the time ever does come. Wait till you are of age and everything in moderation. Binge drinking is not fun and can be very dangerous. I will never take for granted what happened to me for I have learned so much from that experience and I hope to never go back to that place. Always know that you don’t need anything to have fun but a positive attitude and alcohol could be an easy slope to a bad path.