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The Trouble with Energy Drinks

November 30, 2008 8:51 pm Published by Comments Off on The Trouble with Energy Drinks

While fussily flipping through the flimsy pages of my newly arrived Muscle & Body magazine, in an effort to finally read the unveiled secret of “How to Build a Teen Dream Body”, I become spellbound by the cleverly placed advertisement right next to the cover page of the article. Sure, it is similar to any of the other ads placed throughout the ninety-six pages of this particular magazine, but there was just something extra that caught my eye.

This product, marked as “The World’s Most Effective Energy & Fat Burning Drink,” that was just so seemingly innocent, hides a dark truth behind its friendly red container. This misleading advertising — the fine print admitted the ad’s claims had not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration — is part of an alarmingly fast-paced, rapidly-growing business amongst youth.

To any teen or preteen, sipping down a Rockstar or Monster energy drink before any sports game, or even right before math class, doesn’t seem too uncommon, but what many don’t know is that their liquidized “energy boost” may contain alcohol, and has the potential to lead them into more trouble than just an expected sugar crash that follows not too long after consumption.

Here is an article from Science Daily Magazine that delves more into energy drinks and risk-taking behaviors. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised.

Brandon F. is a high school student from Ventura.