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The Let’s Talk Series #6 – Teens! What do you want to know about sex?

May 5, 2010 1:04 pm Published by Comments Off on The Let’s Talk Series #6 – Teens! What do you want to know about sex?

Heather O’Neill, coordinator for Straight Up’s Let’s Talk program, presents a series of helpful posts, resources, and articles on a regular basis for the Straight Up blog.

In the old days, if you were a teen or tween wanting to learn about sex, you either had to have an older, more experienced relative or friend, wait for your parents to maybe have “the talk” with you, or (if your parents would sign the release form) get possibly one health class per year that discussed the topic. The information from the health class was probably the most reliable, but God forbid you had a question and risked ridicule by raising your hand, exposing to all of your classmates the naked truth that you didn’t know everything about sex.

Well, times have changed. You can pretty much find out anything about anything on the web, and sex is no exception. But where can you go for reliable information that’s relevant to your life and generation? Check out the following list of websites for teens!

  • Birds and Bees – information on birth control, pregnancy, STDs, and links to other sites
  • Campaign for Our Children – information for both parents and teens on talking about sexuality
  • Go Ask Alice! – Q&A site including information on relationships, sexuality, and sexual health
  • gURL – information on issues that affect the lives of girls 13 years of age and older
  • It’s Your (Sex) Life – information for older teenagers about pregnancy, contraception, and STDs
  • IWannaKnow – a safe and fun place for teenagers to learn about sexual health and for parents to receive guidance
  • Outproud – information for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth
  • Scarleteen – Advice, articles, and information addressing sexuality and sexual health issues for children and parents
  • SEX, ETC. – Information, advice, and resources by teens for teens (and parents, too)
  • Sex Sense – Advice and quizzes for and by teens
  • Sextalk – Information on safer sex, self exams, and sexual orientation
  • SIECUS – Place for teens to learn about sexuality issues
  • Teen Advice Online (TAO) – Information on teen problems through a worldwide network of peers 13 years of age and older
  • Teen Scene – Information from the Advocates for Youth Web site
  • Teenwire – Sexuality and sexual health information for teens
  • Youth Resource – Information and peer support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth