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The Let’s Talk Series #5 – Tips for Parents: Handling the Issue of Alcohol

March 17, 2010 5:34 pm Published by Comments Off on The Let’s Talk Series #5 – Tips for Parents: Handling the Issue of Alcohol

Heather O’Neill, coordinator for Straight Up’s Let’s Talk program, presents a series of helpful posts, resources, and articles on a regular basis for the Straight Up blog.

Even after educating themselves on the problem of underage and binge drinking, many parents still are left with the question – What can I do? The problem seems so pervasive, the emotions overwhelming, and the conversation daunting. Fear not! Many have tread this path before, leaving markers along the way. Here are a few great starters for you:

  • Tips for Parents” – A quick list of tips for talking to your teens about alcohol, as well as tips to help change the culture of alcohol within your family and community of parents
  • Make a Difference – Talk to Your Child about Alcohol” – A wonderful and in-depth guide for handling the issue of alcohol with your children, including guidelines for communication about alcohol, possible family alcohol policies, parent/teen relationship insights and suggestions, and more.
  • Talking with your Kids about Tough Issues” – Good for parents of younger children, on how to develop ongoing conversations about tough issues including alcohol, drugs, sex and relationships, HIV/AIDS and violence
  • 10 Building Blocks and 10 Road Blocks to Effective Communication” – Very helpful chart of communication strategies and how they affect the parent/child relationship (with examples)