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The Let’s Talk Series #4 – Any last questions before you have THE TALK with your child?

February 27, 2010 9:47 pm Published by Comments Off on The Let’s Talk Series #4 – Any last questions before you have THE TALK with your child?

Heather O’Neill, coordinator for Straight Up’s Let’s Talk program, presents a series of helpful posts, resources, and articles on a regular basis for the Straight Up blog.

Let’s face it. Parenting can be very overwhelming. Here you are, doing your best to take care of a million things, keep track of two million more, and be responsible for the total safety and well-being of one or more tiny little beings, and then they go and turn into teenagers on you. Whoa. Now what? It’s best if the discussion has been taking place along the way (at developmentally appropriate levels, of course), but even if you are just broaching the topics of sex, drugs and/or alcohol for the first time, you can have a major positive effect.

Research shows again and again that teens want honest and open communication with their parents about these tough issues. And take heart – there is assistance! The following websites contain valuable information including research, communication techniques, blogs, parenting expert tips, and more. Good luck!

Advocates for Youth – Huge amount of information in their Parents’ Sex Ed Center on Parent/Teen communication, teens and sex, growth and development, and much more

4Parents – Information to help parents talk to their child, pre-teen, or teen early and often about healthy relationships, waiting to have sex, what happens as he or she grows, and other important topics

Families Are Talking— Information for parents and teens for talking about sexuality

Talking with Kids about Tough Issues— Encouragement for parents to talk with their children early and often about sexuality and other tough issues

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy – Statistics, data, articles about teen pregnancy and how parents can help their teens avoid the risks

Parenting Teens Online – Information on how to talk to your teens about all the tough issues

Planned Parenthood Federation of America – Information on “How to Be a Good Parent,” “How to Talk with Your Child About Sexuality,” “How to Talk with Your Teen About the Facts of Life,” and “Human Sexuality: What Children Should Know”

Sex Ed Mom – Advice, live monthly chats, teaching tips, and video clips for parents