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The Let’s Talk Series #3 – Are you ready to talk to your teen about SEX?

January 31, 2010 1:52 pm Published by Comments Off on The Let’s Talk Series #3 – Are you ready to talk to your teen about SEX?

Heather O’Neill, coordinator for Straight Up’s Let’s Talk program, presents a series of helpful posts, resources, and articles on a regular basis for the Straight Up blog.

Remember, parents, your teens really DO want to have open communication with you about sex, and they are just as nervous as you are (probably more so) at the thought of starting the conversation. Here are some valuable articles, tips and even scripts to help you make this exchange as positive and painless as possible:

10 Tips for Parents to Help their Children Avoid Teen Pregnancy” – Parental strategies for how to handle communication and policies concerning your children and their sexuality

RELATIONSHIP REDUX: Tips and Scripts for Talking to Your Kids About Relationships” – Ideas and scripts to help parents to talk to their teens about what it takes to recognize, develop, and maintain a healthy relationship

10 Building Blocks and 10 Road Blocks to Effective Communication” – Very helpful chart of communication strategies and how they affect the parent/child relationship (with examples)

Resources for Families on Parent-Child Communication about Sex” – Provides a selected list of resources and materials to help parents begin talking with their children about sex. Resources are arranged under: 1) Web sites for parents, 2) Web sites for young people, 3) books and videos, and 4) organizations