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The Harms of Secondhand Vaping

September 28, 2021 10:33 am Published by Comments Off on The Harms of Secondhand Vaping

Vape companies advertise their products as being safer than smoking, but the cloud you are exhaling when you vape is aerosol, not water vapor. Aerosol, like hairspray, leaves a residue on surfaces including people’s lungs. Some of the chemicals found in vape aerosols include those used for:

  • antifreeze (propylene glycol)
  • nail polish remover (acetone)
  • paints, pesticides (ethylbenzene)
  • embalming (formaldehyde)
  • fireworks (rubidium)

Your vape contains a lot of unknown and potentially harmful substances that can negatively affect your lungs when inhaled. You might decide you want to vape anyway, but what about the people around you? What about the people you love? Some people are particularly sensitive to being harmed by the substances in vape clouds, and there are simple things you can do to protect them.

Why Tiny Particles Are A Big Problem

Secondhand vaping is like secondhand smoking – when someone vapes indoors, it affects other people too – especially children. See the videos below.

Through the Walls

Why is Lili coughing?

It Sticks Around

The indoor risks from vaping can last for days.

For more information about the dangers of vaping, including Ventura County resources for parents and teens, visit the Vaping FactCheck VC website.