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The anger of the youth

December 3, 2012 12:24 pm Published by Comments Off on The anger of the youth


Written by a Ventura County high school student.

Frustration and pain, common emotions of the average teenage youth along with many adults as well. Even on my bus ride home from school anger sometimes nears the breaking point, as people use strength as intimidation. Many teens don’t cope with anger very well, it simply builds up, until it reaches its breaking point and all hell breaks loose.

I have seen my share and fights, and restrained myself from joining them. I have seen tensions build up and some rise up the anger to wish serious harm and sometimes even death once the rage boils high enough. Violence against themselves is another thing, hurting yourself, I see all of this hatred and violence, but what does it do for us. Does hurting another and yourself help the situation, does it make us better people?

I am no less guilty than the average teen though, I have anger, I have problems, I suppress it, try to keep it from getting the better of me, not letting it take control.

Not too long ago I was incredibly frustrated while working on my car, my girlfriend grabbed my arm and I shook her off, I was torn between telling her to leave, and hugging her. I felt horrible; I was afraid, afraid of how upset I was, afraid of what would happen if I reached my breaking point. I eventually fixed the problem went inside hugged her and felt better about it all.

Finding a way to cope, something to keep you from letting violence and anger take control, it’s a basic human survival emotion but most times its one that should remain under control. Actions done out of anger usually have poor consequences. Actions are powerful, people need to think things over, we all make mistakes, try not to let your emotions dominate decisions and result in your demise. I have let them control me and made a mistake that has flipped my life upside down, but sometimes the only way to learn is from these mistakes.