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Thanksgiving, a time to think safely

November 27, 2014 2:55 pm Published by Comments Off on Thanksgiving, a time to think safely



The holidays about about to start, and so will an increase in alcohol use, including among young people.

The night before Thanksgiving, sometimes known as ”Blackout Wednesday”, can see an increase in alcohol-related auto crashes, arrests, and other drinking-related issues.

Pub and bar crawls are being scheduled in cities across the nation; drinking games and apps are ubiquitous; the “party culture” continues to be accepted. It’s up to all of use to face these issues head on and start making positive change. One “extra drink” at the end of the holiday night can lead to catastrophic results.

It’s important that parents set rules, communicate with their kids, and to try to de-stress the holidays, so that everyone can have a safe season. See these tips for parents from the organization Rethink the Drink.