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Texting and screen time – the benefits

July 20, 2015 11:23 am Published by Comments Off on Texting and screen time – the benefits

Texting in the Rain

This is part two of a two-part series that explores the dangers and benefits of screen time, phone use and texting. You can read part one here.

A lot has been said about screen time, texting, and easy internet access being potential dangers to young people and adults. But is there an upside to living in this highly tech age?

Surfing can be good for you – A study has shown that workplace Internet leisure browsing can be a positive thing; it is argued that this activity is an unobtrusive interruption which enables restoration of mental capacity and fosters feelings of autonomy.

Community feeling – Making online friends, the ease of communication, and community building are some of the advantages of the existence of internet and social media, says some. Local teens report that they feel more connected than ever before with peers.

Texting as support – A positive message or reminder can be effective for young people and adults. Texting has proven to be a promising substance abuse post-treatment tool; reminders and supportive messages have helped to reduce relapse, says researchers.

Additionally, Ventura County Limits offers VCkidsFYI – a monthly text comes to parents with facts about teens, drugs and alcohol. The goal is to equip parents with knowledge; all the better to keep their kids safe.

Strengthening families – Families have reported that keeping contact through texting and other social media is efficient and keeps families connected.

Is screen time and texting worth the risks? If we set limits for everyone, including adults, the answer is maybe.

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