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Take Action: The Danger of Alcopops

January 27, 2011 8:00 am Published by Comments Off on Take Action: The Danger of Alcopops

Supersized Alcopops are a Public Health Threat.

Recent federal government action banned seven dangerous caffeinated acloholic beverages. The worst offenders are now back, minus the stimulants, as supersized, 23.5 oz., single serving cans of sweet, 12% alcohol content alcopops.

Drinking one can = 4.7 standard drinks!

Now it’s up to the states to protect the health and safety of young people from new, high-alcoholic content, monster-size alcopops.

Tell your state legislators to codify the federal ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages, and while they’re at it, ban supersized alcopops too.

Take Action Now (Marin Institute)