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Suicide Prevention Week (Day Three)

February 26, 2018 12:35 pm Published by Comments Off on Suicide Prevention Week (Day Three)

*This post was written by Foothill Technology High School student, Hannah Yale.

Suicide Prevention Week- Day 3

Due to a last minute schedule involving the daily announcements, I was unfortunately not able to read a story today. Although, I did take the time to ask people around the school what they thought about the project. The most common response I received was, “I think it’s really good that you’re doing it.” Then I would smile and thank them, but wish that they had said more. I wanted to know what I would be doing better, to really make people aware and to give others the support that they needed.

However, when I continued probing, I found that people didn’t really have bad things to say about it. Their biggest concerns were the people who weren’t taking it seriously: the kind of people who run meme accounts and post jokes about autism. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t be reaching everyone with this project. But I knew that I would be helping more people than the school was before they even had a Suicide Prevention program.

Both teachers and students spoke very highly of me and the project. Some said it had really opened their eyes to know how many people at the school were struggling with suicide and the issues that lead up to it. Others told me that hearing other people’s stories made them feel hopeful and less alone than they did before. The ASB president, the one who helped me to get this event up and running, told me that she thought Suicide Prevention Week was a huge success, and that they would be doing it every year from now. It makes me feel very accomplished to know that I have started something so impactful.