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Straight Up volunteers talk about their experiences

January 22, 2013 12:36 pm Published by Comments Off on Straight Up volunteers talk about their experiences

Laura and Raquel, both 22, talk to Straight Up last fall about being recruited for the popular and effective “Be the DD” Prize Posse campaign.

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They’ve not only been involved as Prize Posse members, but they also volunteer with Straight Up in whatever capacity they’re needed — as photo subjects, helping out with events, and as video interviewees.

Photo shoot in Ventura 11/2/12

As members of The Lady Outlaws, their Ventura County women’s rugby group, Laura, Raquel and their teammates make outreach and fundraising a priority. They regularly raise money and hold events to help support issues in the area that are important to them.

Rugby team support

We appreciate dedicated young people in our county, actively getting out there and making change for the causes they believe in! Why don’t you join them? We need everyone to help to make a difference!

Find out more on how to volunteer with Straight Up

Find out more how to volunteer with the “Be the DD” Prize Posse:

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… or find out more at BeTheDD.com