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Straight Up podcast #1 now online: Social Host Ordinance

September 25, 2008 10:12 am Published by Comments Off on Straight Up podcast #1 now online: Social Host Ordinance

The Straight Up podcast brings you the latest news, resources and information concerning issues related to underage and binge drinking and impaired driving in Ventura County.

Episode #1: Social Host Ordinance

What is the Social Host Ordinance? How does it work? And is it effective?

In this episode, Straight Up speaks with Randy Pentis of Thousand Oaks Police Department to talk us through the process after police have been called to a party. What happens when minors are seen drinking? What happens after an ordinance has been issued?

Straight Up also speaks with Dan Hicks of the Ventura County Behavior Health Department Preventions Services to find out if the Ordinance has been effective, and what the future holds.

This episode is narrated by Gabby T., a Ventura high school student.

The podcast is approximately 7 minutes long, and can be accessed the following ways:

Check out the Straight Up podcast page for more information.