Engaging young people in advocacy, education & prevention
Creating social change around alcohol, drugs, and more


Katherine Kasmir (Founder/Executive Director)

Our magnificent, maternal mastermind.

Roland Roberts (Project Coordinator)

Looks like a pirate, talks like a pirate, but his two eyes and respect for women give him away. Roland can be found around the county working with youth and young adult volunteers to create arrr-some prevention projects.

Rachel Jones (Admin/Volunteer Coordinator/Peon)

Just the best.

Evan Proffer (Project Coordinator)

Famous for his radio voice and lack of body coordination, Evan is 6’5 and does not play basketball but DOES conduct a mean workshop in Ventura County middle and high schools.

Mitchell Boring (Workshops/Editing)

Mitchell takes largely improvised footage of tweens assembling prevention and health PSA’s and makes them watchable. True genius.