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Seeking Actors for Straight Up Video Shoot

February 3, 2011 4:17 pm Published by Comments Off on Seeking Actors for Straight Up Video Shoot

Straight Up Ventura County and Project SAFER are organizations committed to reducing underage and binge drinking. We need help from our community to spread our message!

We are seeking actors for a shoot for an alcohol server training video. Please note: there will be simulated depictions of alcohol use.

Shooting schedule: 9am-2pm, Thursday, February 10. There may be alternate or additional shooting days; more information will be given when you contact the production staff.

Payment is $50 per actor for the day.

Cast list

  • Bartenders
    3 actors
    Variety of ages/genders
  • Young female
    1 actor
    Age: must be or look under 21
  • Nightclub attendees
    4 males OR 2 females/2 males
    Ages 21-27
  • Middle-aged man, parent type
    1 actor
    Age 40-50
  • Middle-aged female, parent type
    1 actor
    Age 40-50
  • Teenaged son
    1 actor
    Age 14-18

For more information, contact Katherine: (805) 647-4622 or katherine@straightupvc.org