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* This post was written by a Ventura County young adult.

Substance abuse is not something commonly spoken of or even thought of in the culture of my religion, which is why it felt especially alien and nerve-wracking to attend a substance abuse support group meeting - which I did -

Time to Talk
TimeToTalk provides easy-to-use guides and tips to help you have ongoing conversations with your kids to keep them healthy and drug-free.

Talking to your kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol isn’t as hard as you think. We’re here to help make talking even easier. We’ve got free,

Tips for Parents – On talking to your teens about alcohol, and on how to help change the culture of alcohol within your family and community of parents

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10 Tips for Parents to Help their Children Avoid Teen Pregnancy – Parental strategies for how to handle communication and policies

Communication Between Adults and Youth

Parenting Teens Online
The information resource for parents of teenagers - parenting tips and advice for teen problems and everyday life.

Talking with Kids
These practical tips and techniques can help you talk easily and openly with young children ages 8 to 12 about some very tough topics.

Words Can

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