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Putting the European alcohol consumption myths to rest

August 16, 2013 8:50 am Published by Comments Off on Putting the European alcohol consumption myths to rest


You’ve probably heard a variation of this statement: “Children are allowed to drink in France (or Holland or Germany) and they don’t have a problem with alcohol there!”

The AMPHORA (Alcohol Measures for Public Health Research Alliance) Project is proving these falsehoods wrong. The project is a result of a four-year study with an aim to contribute new evidence on alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm in Europe, and to disseminate this knowledge to those engaged in policy-making for the development and implementation of more effective public  health measures. 

The findings are indeed sobering — European Union adults drink 27g alcohol (nearly three drinks) a day, more than twice the world’s average — and about 138,000 15-64 years die prematurely from alcohol in any one year.


The connection drawn between advertising targeting to youth and youth consumption is startling.

The greater the exposure 13-16 year olds have to online alcohol marketing and alcohol branded sports sponsorship, the greater the likelihood that young drinkers will consume alcohol 14-15 months later. Such 13-16 year olds would not feel deprived of information should the advertising of alcohol be banned.

Read more findings, download the press kit, or find out more at www.amphoraproject.net.