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Parent to Parent

July 26, 2008 1:32 pm Published by Comments Off on Parent to Parent

As Program Director and founder of Straight Up I am enthusiastic about our goals and passionate about my job. However, Program Director of Straight Up is not my main job. My main job is Mother of Six. Neither job makes me a parenting expert though. So I want to approach this section of our blog as a dialog between parents.

Four of my “kids” are over 21 now and not living in my home anymore. Sigh! (Almost any interpretation of that sigh is at least partially correct.) I also have boy/girl twins who have happily made it to the double-digits but are not yet teens. We may be in the “eye of the storm.” This feels like a good time to reflect, review and restrategize.

I hope you will read and find the insights and suggestions from experts that we will share here to be helpful. More importantly, I hope you will respond with comments, suggestions and questions, and share your own insights and experiences as well.

Katherine Kasmir
aka Mom

Katherine and her kids, 2004

Katherine and her kids, 2004