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  • Blog Post: Where is Red Ribbon Week?

    Featureing guest blogger and Ventura County young adult, Hannah Yale

Julie Fontes tries to trick children into thinking. She is having opinions in Ventura, CA and on stupeh.com.

I am a thirty-year-old former partying teenager and believer in the potential for good and must write to you about how I strongly dislike Katy Perry and other similar creatures. This isn't a

Caution: this video contains graphic dialog that may be upsetting to viewers. Over 18 recommended.

Listen to three young women, with three different viewpoints and experiences towards, and with, alcohol. The dialog and experiences are taken from real conversations with female youth and young adults in Ventura County.

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Straight Up would

From the JoinTogether.org newsroom:

California Law Bans Alcohol Sales at Self-Checkout Aisles
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law banning alcohol sales at self-checkout aisles. Starting January 1, 2012, anyone who buys alcohol must pay a cashier, according to the Los Angeles Times. more