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My Best Friends

October 1, 2010 4:24 pm Published by Comments Off on My Best Friends

This post was written by a 16-year old Ventura County student in March 2010.

I had three friends that were young and stupid. One of them was driving drunk and nobody were wearing seatbelts.

After a party, they went to find someone who wanted to race. They did. While they were speeding, my friends’ car didn’t make the turn. The car kept straight and went into a pole.

The two that had been in the front seat flew through the windshield. The one in the back, the youngest, got a concussion.

The ones in front didn’t make it. Their families went through a horrible time. Everyone grieved at my school. My life felt like it went down the drain when I got the call telling me they died.

They were supposed to come to my house that night. They were on their way. They didn’t even make it that close.