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Local DUI-related crashes still an issue in the County

July 27, 2013 8:19 am Published by Comments Off on Local DUI-related crashes still an issue in the County

Car Crash Studies (detail) by Nicolai Howalt, Chelsea Art Galleries Openings / 20090910.10D.53391 / SML

Oxnard man arrested on suspicion of DUI, hit and run in multi-vehicle collision — Four vehicles were involved in a crash Friday night along Victoria Avenue south of Ventura. Officers learned that the driver was fleeing from a States Park Officer who attempted to stop him for driving erratically, officials said. The driver allegedly tried to flee from the officer, recklessly passing other vehicles at about 80 miles per hour, police said.

Officers conducted a DUI investigation and arrested Escudero on suspicion of driving under the influence causing injuries, felony evading and felony hit and run, police said.

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Impaired driving comes at a high cost, often at the expense of innocent people. As a community, we need to raise awareness about impaired driving — it’s just not worth it.