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Life Goals

April 30, 2021 11:06 am Published by Comments Off on Life Goals

Written by a CSUCI Service-Learning student.

You encourage me to want to do my best daily

Because it’s not about me,

It’s about what I did that was greater than me.

Scalpel in my hand to save others,

That’s amazing.

You are so far in the distance,

Or are you just in my head?

Become something greater than what everyone expected of me.

Branching out, like an olive tree,

Bearing fruits I want to give to heal.

Success in your own eyes.

I see how tugged I am by you,

But can that even stop me?

Don’t give in,

Let your strong inner self take over.

The pressure to look cool

In front of the eyes of your peers.

Think about yourself,

Your future.