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Late night fun!

June 29, 2009 12:37 pm Published by Comments Off on Late night fun!


This simple saying may attract a lot of people, and it got stuck in my head for a while. It was junior year of high school, when I started to have a huge social life. It was the end of the year and I was so stoked for senior year — basically, I did not care about school at this point. My group of friends, which consisted of  three juniors and one senior, thought the same way about life — and we were ready to party.

It was a late night and, since my parents were out of town, I invited them to my house. This was the start of my troubles. I was on party mode and did not care if they brought over alcohol or anything else. I laughed in my head, saying to myself wow, this is my first time drinking, I can handle it — but then I had shot after shot. I started to lose my motor skills, my thought process was way out of hand, and, worst of all, I lost every drinking game — so i had to take more shots than anyone else.

LATE NIGHT FUN! It was a saying we knew for a while, that’s all we had to say and we knew what we were going to do that night.

After a while, I had to do some deep thinking, and came to the conclusion that I had a mental obsession. This mental obsession made me do things that I deeply regret now. I have lied, stolen things, and, worst of all, hurt people around me. When I was at this stage of my life, I did not care about the damage I would create in the long run. When I was drinking, my body also paid the price — I gained weight, my athleticism was gone, and I just looked like a train hit me. If I could have gone back and talked to myself at that time, I would of called myself selfish and egocentric.

Now after many months, I have found a personal solution — and that’s being sober. I have will power, and more peripheral vision in my life.

Sobriety helps every part of your life. It is the hardest thing to do but the benefits are priceless. Just some words of encouragement — in life you are not alone, so look beyond your eyes — life will become much easier.

Now my saying is LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Mario Apolinar is 18 and lives in Ventura.