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Last month of senior year — the hardest month

July 9, 2009 1:21 pm Published by Comments Off on Last month of senior year — the hardest month

I have always heard senior year was the easiest year out of all four years of high school. In my case I thought I had it all — I had the friends, the girlfriend, and even the grades — but then my life went into panic mood. Looking at every aspect in my life, it seemed like nothing could knock me down from the natural high of life. But one thing led to another bad thing — and caused a domino effect.

I was dating this girl for three and a half years and things were great — until a point where she was stressed out to the max. Senior year wore down our relationship because school was demanding so much out of both of us and time for seeing each other was limited. After three and a half years, our relationship (and our friendship) came to an abrupt end. I guess things were not as great as I thought — she held all her frustration at school, family and our relationship inside, and she never told me anything because she was afraid of my reaction. Things got crazy, violent — I got in fights, other friends got involved. So I ask myself: wow, how did it all come to this point?

In addition to losing my partner, my house was slowly falling apart inside. My mother was on the brink of leaving my stepfather, because he was just not father material. My mother was at a point where she could not pay the bills by herself, and maintain three children, so we as a family planned to move out of our home to live in an apartment. I saw this coming on one day or another but I just was not ready emotionally.

At this point I felt alone in the world, so my temptation for alcohol or any substance was at its greatest high.

Many people may say high school’s the easiest time, but with pressure from all around, it can be the hardest time of being a teenager. I lost my girlfriend, I was about to lose my family and I was graduating high school. I really was not ready for all this loss at one time. I drank to get away from the world.

This is where I had to cling on to the things I have learned, to be close to something that will save me — and for me, that was going to my God.

I found out I was not alone, there were people around me that cared for me and were there for me with an open ear. That time was the hardest but it was also the time where I grew a lot in so many ways.

The solution is not drinking; the solution is looking inside you and having love for yourself. Find someone to talk to. Get help any way you can.

Stay strong, people.

Mario is 18 and starting college this fall in Ventura County.