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…is your professional source for fake IDs

August 14, 2009 11:05 am Published by Comments Off on …is your professional source for fake IDs

Fake ID
A fake ID vendor’s sign in Bangkok, Thailand

The title of this post was taken from a website selling falsely manufactured identification cards — a popular item among many underage kids. A fake ID, if well-made, can allow a youth to purchase alcohol and to gain entry into adults-only locales, including bars.

The website’s headline continues “Quality based license ID templates make our fake IDs the best you can buy.”

It’s official…you can buy anything on the Internet.

There are a wide variety of sites that specialize in selling this product, and it is mind-boggling that this industry has been allowed to develop and grow to the size that it is. In checking out some of the sites, I was amazed at the ingenuity of some of these companies. If their advertising can be believed, they can now produce phony IDs that even scan properly — the magnetic data on the back is embedded with the false birth date info of the ID owner. So, basically, what’s being sold here are counterfeit ID cards of all US states and Canada. Here is actual ad copy from the site that gave this post its title:

Our fake ID includes holograms, encoded bar code and/or magnetic strip with correct information just like a real one. No, our holograms are not generic; they are specific for each ID. No, we do not print our site name or anything on our fake IDs that would not be on a real one. The pictures on our site with our logo will not be on any product you purchase.

Photos of their work are included, and the craftsmanship is stunning. So my question is: How is this legal? Do they get around it by calling them “novelty IDs?” Visiting this site, it is absolutely clear what is being sold, regardless of the wording. There is even a picture of young, good-looking people laughing while sitting at a bar, along with the name of the company right next to them, which is used as the banner at the top of the site page.

And this is not the only site of its kind. The business of selling fake IDs has a huge presence online; even to the point that many fake ID companies will set up booths at specialized conventions where they believe members of their target market will be present. There’s even a site that rates the quality of the IDs that the other sites are selling!

The fake ID business has grown so big that it has actually developed its own unique problems with scam artists. Get this – some websites that sell IDs are warning customers that there are other disreputable companies that will take their money and not deliver product. Wow! We have reached a point in America where scam artists selling illegal product online are warning against other scam artists.

The free enterprise system at its finest, indeed.

The author is a parent living in Ventura County.