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How High? Ventura County responds to the weed debate

November 18, 2014 2:48 pm Published by Comments Off on How High? Ventura County responds to the weed debate

Marijuana is a complicated and constantly-shifting issue, with much debate surrounding legality and the issue of medicinal marijuana.

Putting that aside for a moment, the facts about marijuana use remain; more studies confirm that marijuana use poses a variety of dangers, especially to young people.

CSUCI Marijuana Prevention Event, 11/13/14 CSUCI Marijuana Prevention Event, 11/13/14

Katherine leads a frank discussion about marijuana at the recent “Weed; Myth or Reality” presentation at CSUCI. Lots of questions, confusions, and viewpoints were brought out into the open, with members of Straight Up, VCBH, and CSUCI there to clarify and discuss issues of health, policy and prevention.

CSUCI team

Also at CSUCI, Health Communications Service Learning students developed an event to raise awareness and gather data about marijuana use. They distributed information about marijuana myths (and the truth) and collected surveys on campus.

How High Ventura 11/20/14 How High Ventura 11/20/14

Collaborators at VCBH just launched the www.howhighventura.com website, a resource for parents to get the facts about marijuana use and their kids. Adults are able to take a “HighQ” quiz to determine how much they know about weed, view videos from Ventura County youth and adults, and to review resources available locally. Many Thousand Oaks young people helped with the site launch presentation.

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