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  • Blog Post: Side Effects of Underage Drinking

    An issue to take seriously

We know, we know.... "underage drinking is a rite of passage"... "I did it when I was young"... "What's the big deal if they're doing it in a safe, supervised environment?"... WELL, the buck doesn't stop there. Our present decisions shape not only our future ones, but our future health

As easy as it is to isolate ourselves and feel walled off from the world, we are social creatures. A pet is a rewarding and low-pressure way to nip that tendency in the rear. They not only breed a sense of community with other pet owners and animal lovers, they

It has always seemed to me an obvious sort of common sense that you shouldn't impair your cognitive functions and then operate heavy machinery. As it turns out, either this line of thinking is not so prevalent, or the knee jerk reflex to defend marijuana, irrelevant of the situation at

Here at Straight Up, we advocate for a lot of things but especially mental health and well-being. Mind and body go hand in hand and it's important not to neglect either. You've likely made your New Years resolutions by now but if you're still on the hunt, look no further!

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