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Great Job, Oxnard

July 14, 2009 11:53 am Published by Comments Off on Great Job, Oxnard

This letter was submitted to the Ventura County Star in response to the article referenced below.

Reading  the article “Oxnard limits liquor licenses to reduce crime” by Scott Hadly (Ventura County Star, 6/28/09,) I was shocked by how often alcohol is linked to crime. Oxnard seems to have their full share of bars and restaurants selling liquor, and I was amazed that the City of Oxnard is stepping up to the plate trying to fix it. I’m impressed by how the City is taking steps to cut this problem from the root — going to the sellers, reaching out to the community, and not just being overwhelmed by the big picture.

This article proves to the world that working within the City can benefit families and business around its community. Oxnard crime rate was high in the 90’s, but with steady progress the City has managed to lower the crime rate in part by having limits on liquor licenses. The City of Oxnard has done its research over the years and has collaborated with police to really crack down the violence created by liquor sales. Oxnard residents knew the connection between the crime and alcohol and the City heard their voice.

The City of Oxnard may be criticized for other things in this time of struggle, but results don’t lie and Oxnard is making an effort to succeed in the long run — Oxnard and its actions should be the role model to Ventura County. I want to congratulate the City for their achievements so far — Oxnard is in the front among cities in Ventura County in regulating how and where alcohol is sold. It is great that the City of Oxnard is putting strict rules on alcohol purchasing because now people are going to be aware that there is a problem relating alcohol with crime.

I believe if all Ventura County cities do not start now, the children of tomorrow are going to grow up in an environment that no one wants to live in. We teens believe we can get away with anything but there is always someone to stop our nonsense. Even though I am from Ventura County, and come from a chain of alcoholism, I never knew the severity of the problem; this article taught me something, and that is that alcohol awareness is not prominent these days, so there is some work to do for us teens to make change.

— Mario Apolinar, 18