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From the 2011 Leadership Summit – "You're Not Alone"

July 15, 2011 8:00 am Published by Comments Off on From the 2011 Leadership Summit – "You're Not Alone"

In March 2011, teens in Ventura, CA gathered for a Leadership Summit to explore social issues and discuss their ideas for possible solutions for reducing underage and binge drinking and impaired driving in their community. Activities included improv games and social change theatre exploration, videomaking, writing, and discussion. Here is a speech presented during the afternoon’s advocate training.

Leadership Summit, March 2011
A group of Summit attendees work on their poster and speech project during their advocacy training.

It’s never okay to get in a car with someone under the influence. Many people have lost someone close because of drunk drivers. Making the right decisions can save your life. Don’t let your friends influence you. Be your own person — thinking it through can save your life.

You’re not alone — there are other kids just like you. Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak up when you see destructive decisions being made.