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Fear factor

December 20, 2015 12:28 pm Published by Comments Off on Fear factor

This post was written by a 20-year-old Cal State Channel Islands student in April 2015.

What gets our attention so that we react? What gets the quickest reaction to want change immediately due to a product endorsement, recall or a situation involving a product? What sends us into panic mode? There is one common thread in all of the questions, the answer is FEAR!

Which of the following statements would cause you to take notice, react or ignore?

  1. Alcohol age is being reduced to age 16
  2. Alcohol cannot be detected in this new form as being alcohol by its packaging.
  3. A young woman was found near death at a party from alcohol poisoning but she wasn’t drinking.
  4. Dorm was searched no alcohol containers were found but the occupants appeared to be drunk.

No matter what, any parent, adult age drinker and underage drinker who reads the above statements would stop and see what happened or what it is that is going undetected.

I hate alcohol, what it does, and how it takes lives, because we have no control over its effects once consumed. I agree with what Contance Scharff, Ph.D., said, “Liquid alcohol is already the most abused substance in the nation, with great human and economic cost” (Walton, 2015)

Alcohol consumption has been a topic of debate since the Prohibition tried to regulate the industry and the age of consumption. During the Prohibition, the laws and regulators (government) could not stop people from drinking, nor could they enforce successfully the ban against alcohol manufacturing, so it was legalized. Today alcohol is changing form, so can we try to stop the growth of this new form? This can take forever, and with minimal success; I think it is a matter of time. The manufacturing and sale of ‘Palcohol’ has been banned in a few states. They are Louisiana, South Carolina, and Alaska. Other states are enacting legislation to limit the amount of alcohol volume in their definition of “alcoholic liquor to 0.5 percent.” Other states are following some form of bans. (Morton, 2014).