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August 2, 2010 3:43 pm Published by Comments Off on Eyewitness

This post was written by a high school student during Straight Up’s 2010 Leadership Conference, copresented by Ventura Unified School District.

I think drinking and driving is stupid to say the least, as well as underage drinking.

My family has always been close. Alcoholism does run in my family. In 2002, my brother was in an accident that almost killed him and four other people. He rolled his truck off a fifty-foot embankment. Three of the people didn’t have their seat belts on.

Last year that same brother was in another accident. He had been stressed out, so his friends offered him pills and alcohol. Apparently the pressure was too hard. I was the one that held him while his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he started foaming at the mouth.

None of these accidents would have happened if alcohol was offered. He lived through both of these situations, but no family should ever have to go through that.

My suggestion for parents is to definitely always make sure where your kids are at. Always keep in contact, teach ways how to say NO! and at the same time, trust them.