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Evan’s Teens Kick Ash 2017 Rundown!

March 20, 2017 5:26 pm Published by Comments Off on Evan’s Teens Kick Ash 2017 Rundown!

Greetings and Salutations!

Earlier this month, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the annual Teens Kick Ash conference put on by the Ventura County Office of Education. I’d like to say, for the record, that the keynote speaker this year, Dr. Victor Denoble, is one of my new favorite human beings. When he wasn’t running around with a frozen brain, he was telling riveting stories of his time spent working for Big Tobacco (Philip Morris) and their attempts to suppress his research. He was so riveting, in fact, that I ambushed him 3 separate times off stage to ask more questions. Special thanks to Dr. Denoble for being a good sport. While I think it’s worth discussing all of the subjects he mentioned in his talk, I would like to put a spotlight on just one for now: E-cigs.

Electronic cigarettes have exploded onto the scene in recent years (in more ways than one), and they have attracted quite a following. Unfortunately, I believe many E-cig advocates have been fed some dangerous misinformation. Something to note before reading the points below from Dr. Denoble’s talk, his research on nicotine and subsequent testimony before congress have led to many of the major tobacco reforms we have in our country today.

  1. 19 out of 20 “nicotine free” liquids still contain nicotine.
  2. Once you are addicted, it can take 5-10 years before your brain returns to normal, assuming no permanent damage has been done.
  3. Part of what makes something addictive is the chemical spike it gives your brain (in this case, nicotine), like tobacco products, e-cigs still supply a chemical spike.
  4. The vapor that comes from e-cigs contain a multitude of dangerous metal particulates. These come from the heating element inside the pen itself and are unavoidable if you choose to use e-cigs.
  5. Of those metals, none are safe for consumption in any amount.

Just some quick food for thought.

Be safe and best wishes,

Evan Proffer