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Coping with Anxiety

February 22, 2017 12:56 pm Published by Comments Off on Coping with Anxiety

*This post was written by a Ventura County young adult.

I feel that everyone has anxiety, but mine started in high school. I knew my mom always had it but I didn’t know the feeling. Instead of letting myself know I had anxiety I used to have excuses such as; “Oh, I’m just freaking out, it’s nothing.” And I let myself think that for two years. But then I had an incident with my family.

It’s a long story but overall, my older brother is bipolar and for two months he was just angry. We were driving far and he went crazy! He was swerving, his hands weren’t on the wheel, music was soooo loud, and we asked for him to drop us off. He locked the doors and I had a horrible anxiety attack. We finally jumped out of the car on a busy road. The cops were called and everything. After that things didn’t get better. Things were thrown, which created holes in the walls. Cops just got called again. He still lives with us but everything haunts me and gives me anxiety all the time.

However, months later, I’ve learned to cope with my anxiety. I tried to be positive in all situations. Then I started to meditate which helped so much. It will take time to learn to meditate but I’ve learned to meditate anywhere. So if I ever have a random anxiety attack, I can meditate and feel way better. I also think that having a journal is great. Writing happy and sad emotions help cope a lot. You have to teach yourself to cope with your own anxiety.

Photo: Flickr/PracticalCures