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Bringing another language to prevention

November 24, 2014 2:48 pm Published by Comments Off on Bringing another language to prevention

This fall, Straight Up has been pleased to work with young adult students and interns — many of whom are fluent in Spanish. Thanks to them, we have been able to expand our outreach into Spanish-speaking communities.

CSUCI Capstone students Rosa, Cindy and Jennifer, CSUCI intern Ramon, and Pathpoint intern José have all been working hard translating materials, creating bilingual presentations, and providing other outreach in Spanish.

Blackstock Parent Outreach 11/6/14

Earlier this fall, the CSUCI students created and presentation an impactful event for parents at Blackstock Middle School in Oxnard. Each student carefully prepared and updated printed materials, conducted extensive researched, and spoke in front of the large crowd for Blackstock’s regular “Cafe Con Leche” event.

Reality Party TO 11/15/14

Our Reality Party for Parents in Thousand Oaks had some Spanish language components, thanks to our students. The event was at near capacity and parents (and other concerned community adults) were able to see the reality of teen parties, and to get resources on how to talk to their kids and start making change.

How High event 11/20/14

Intern José has been hard at work translating important documents for Straight Up and providing feedback.

Great work and huge appreciation to all our youth and young adults interns and volunteers!