Engaging young people in advocacy, education & prevention
Creating social change around alcohol, drugs, and more

Improv and Theater Techniques

Straight Up interactive workshops involve what we call Reality Improv and social change Theatre — improvisational theatre that allows the participants to explore social issues and examine alternative solutions. Through the use of improv and theatre techniques, teens and young adults can become aware of the depth of an issue and identify realistic solutions. We draw upon the techniques and formats of Theatre of the Oppressed, as well as Image Theatre and Forum Theatre.

Social Change Theatre

Straight Up leaders are professional improvisors and educators trained to facilitate Social Change Theatre with non-actors of all ages. We provide training and opportunities for youth to serve as spokespersons and advocates for the changes they envision for their world. Through Social Change Theatre techniques — live performances, unique interactive events and video production — young people use their creativity to spark community dialogue about the problems, increase awareness and understanding of the issues, and present their ideas for moving to action and making change.

When there is not time for a full Straight Up Reality Improv workshop, a Straight Up Troupe can bring in a previously created Forum Theatre performance. The audience or class members become “spectactors” who will step into the scene and the discussion of the issues and exploration of solutions begins that point.