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Creating social change around alcohol, drugs, and more

Let's increase awareness and celebrate successes of those in recovery. Those with mental health and/or substance abuse issues are fully capable of living happy and productive lives, and seeking recovery is the critical first step.

From SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration):
Now in its 26th year, Recovery Month highlights

Last week, Frontier High School in Camarillo got a head start to having a #smartstart2school. Many of the ASB and service students were new to Frontier -- so teacher Kim Dallape gathered them together for some activities before the school year started! Straight Up was there to lead team building

Ventura County Behavioral Health Department invites you to the WEEDUI Ventura County Drugged Driving Summit – a call to action against driving under the influence of drugs.

The WEEDUI Ventura County Drugged Driving Summit is bringing community leaders together to work in unison to prevent deaths due to impaired driving.

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This essay was written by a Cal State Channel Islands student in April 2015.

When one says "fear," what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it clowns, spiders, snakes, or sharks? These cause fear, but they are all pretty predictable. When I hear the word fear, I

Recently, a group of middle and high school students from Santa Paula and Fillmore gathered to talk about the new school year and to brainstorm about how to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Together, they thought of the new campaign #smartstart2school -- a way to send out