Engaging young people in advocacy, education & prevention
Creating social change around alcohol, drugs, and more

A version of this article was printed in the Ventura Breeze.

A Smart Start to School: How local students have given themselves the best chance to succeed in the new school year

For the past few weeks, we’ve watched as Ventura students, from middle school to college, have been returning to their

MADD and State Farm reports: about 1 in 3 youth surveyed have been a passenger with a drinking driver at least once in the past year, and only 20% have intervened to keep their friend(s) from getting in a car with a driver who had been drinking.

That’s why MADD is

Be a Health Literacy Hero! This is a time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information.

What can you, as an active and aware community member, do?

Arm yourself with knowledge -- take a look at Straight Up's resources, which include guides for adults to talk

It's a fact ... children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

It's facts like these that has activated communities to make change. One such awareness event

This essay was written by a Cal State Channel Islands student.

I believe that one of the hardest aspects that goes in regards to instilling an idea into youth is that youth wants to do our mistakes instead of learn from them. One of the biggest lessons I would try to

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