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Reality Party for Parents – Simi Valley
Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tours last approximately 1 hour. Reservations required.
Adults only • FREE!
Location: A home in Simi Valley. Address will be given when a tour time is reserved.

Many adults feel drinking and drug use is a rite of passage and think teen parties are the

Ventura County's efforts to reduce impaired driving don't just mean targeting late night partiers, buzzed youth, or other "obvious" groups. People using standard medication might not know the dangers of what they take -- and when they drive. They can be at danger for being stopped, and getting a DUI.


Powdered alcohol, known to its manufacturers as "palcohol", was in the news earlier in 2015. Even before it was approved for sale, legislators and watchdogs warned the public of possible dangers -- and took action. As of November 2015, 27 states have banned powdered alcohol.

Powdered alcohol is exactly as it

Consider donating to Straight Up! Straight Up programs provide opportunities, training, resources and connections for young people ages 12-25 to critically examine the social norms, explore possible solutions and take ACTION to make the changes they want, about issues they care about.

Whether they are reaching out to their peers, to

This post was written by a 20-year-old Cal State Channel Islands student in April 2015.

What gets our attention so that we react? What gets the quickest reaction to want change immediately due to a product endorsement, recall or a situation involving a product? What sends us into panic mode? There

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