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Be an Advocate – Part Two

February 27, 2015 2:55 pm Published by Comments Off on Be an Advocate – Part Two

Feel passionate about a cause? Want to do something about it? This is part 2 of a 4-part series about how to identity and develop an advocacy campaign.

Part Two: Policy Advocacy

Policy advocacy: tactics, strategies and initiatives which target changes to policies and legislation.

VUSD Board of Education Meeting, 5/8/12

In 2012, Straight Up Youth presented a video and comments, asking for the Board’s support in their continued advocacy against tobacco sales in Ventura. This information was also presented to the Ventura City Council later that month.

This is an example of policy advocacy; in this case, the youth-produced video and presentation were created to raise awareness and make change about tobacco retailer limits on a political level.

Straight Up youth have also spoken out at City Council events in support of alcohol license limitations for local businesses; about kid’s health, and more.

You can look at your city’s government website to find out about Council meetings, Board of Education meetings and more. Many of these meetings welcome visitors and their comments. You can find out how to add your presentation to an agenda.

Policymakers want to hear voices, especially those of youth, about how policies, laws, and ordinances affect them. It is important to make those voices heard!