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Balance in the Chaos

March 11, 2016 1:03 pm Published by Comments Off on Balance in the Chaos

*This post was written by CSUCI student, Emily Hernandez.

If I’m busy, my mind is busy.

That’s what keeps me going. It might seem childish but it works. It helps me throughout the day. Granted I’m not drowning myself in activities like high school. I learned to find a balance.

Occupying myself doesn’t exactly mean I’m avoiding my problems, it just means I’m working through them. I choose to be productive although inside I might feel pointless. I convince myself that I can. Whether it be a little hobby like drawing or jogging, or involvement in something bigger, I like being occupied.

It demonstrates that I can continue. It demonstrates that I have as much chance as anybody else. It demonstrates that I’m winning against my demons.

Photo: Sunny/Flickr