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Bad Decision

August 8, 2012 2:16 pm Published by Comments Off on Bad Decision

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This blog post was written by a high school student in Ventura County. Names and identifying details have been changed.

I have completely ruined my life.

A month ago, me and some friends decided to relax at my house and just hang out — but about an hour into watching TV, one of my friends pulls out some cocaine that he has and starts doing it on my desk.

I have never done hard drugs in my life, but I didn’t say anything to them because I felt I would be a downer on their party. One thing leads to another and now there are drinks involved. Everyone’s feeling good, but we are starting to run out of beer, so my friend Gary asks me to go make a beer run. I’m already pretty buzzed and I know I shouldn’t drive, so I ride my bike to the store.

I come back about twenty minutes later. My front door is wide open, I got this feeling that something bad happened while I was gone. As i walk into my house, no one’s  downstairs but I can hear crying from upstairs and what sounds like someone thumping on my floor — so I run upstairs to see what’s wrong

What I see next I’ll never forget. My friend of two years, Gary, is having a seizure on the floor of the bathroom — there was a needle still stuck in his arm and a spoon laying on the counter. My friend Cassandra is in the corner crying loudly. I try to talk to her but she is hysterical. That’s when I hear it, the sound of two policemen responding to a call that she made while I was gone.

Everyone else had left but didn’t take anything with them. My heart sank, I know there’s still coke on the desk downstairs, a little bit but definitely noticable

After the EMTs get Gary stable, the cops approach me about the coke. I try to explain to them what had happened but they can smell the alcohol on my breath and they aren’t believing me.

I was arrested for someone else’s drugs and now have a possession charge on my record. I have tried many times to get a decent job, but because of one bad decision, no one trusts me.

Looking for help? Start here. Ventura County Behavioral Health Alcohol and Drug Programs has a large databases of resources for information, prevention and treatment. more>